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Knowing that the past influences not only the present, but also the future, the way in which it is perceived is far more important because, if we cannot travel the time into the past from the physical point of view, we can get a glimpse of the past with our soul. So, can we say that in the future, will the people looking to the art as feel the feelings of the artist?

Keywords: travel to the past, art feelings, David Lowenthal, art achivement, artists in the future. Knowing that the past influences not only the present, but also the future, the way in which it is perceived is far more important because, if we cannot time travel to the past, from the physical point of view, we can get a glimpse of the past with our soul.

Tolstoy argued that art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of the feeling the artist has experienced, then can we say that in the future, will the people looking at the ART feel the feelings of the artist?

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And seeing that every letter that I wrote above is already part of the past, the following written article representing my future intention, all of this makes me ask a simply question: what exactly is this? It is really just something that defines the [my] current action, but is bounded by my previous intention and my next one? I think that I have already complicated this too much and I departed from the original purpose of the article, but I hope, though, that I may speak of a difference between the artist of the past, the one of the future and the present one.

How are they different?

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Or is the artist of the present influenced by the past in order to evolve in the future? Art galleries are packed with creations such as craftsmanship of artists and those who cross the threshold are more interested in the story behind the creation than the visual.

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Understanding the past as extremely 1 Arnold H. I argue that presenting the history and the evolution of styles in art, our cultural memory is constantly enriched. Art, like the society we live in is complex and evolving, which is why we can not understand the current artistic approach if we do not know its history.

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We often find that people interested in it are students and people more interested in the painting techniques, but who are not passionate about the history and the evolution of those techniques or the significance of the signs of the vessels from pre and proto-history, but rather how they were made, the price and fame of the artist than the story behind the colors laid on a canvas.

Criticized, applauded or stopped to the detriment of knowledge, the artist is a man of eternal present. He is present regardless of the period Natasha ali pierdere în greutate which he lives or lived.

He can make a day sunnier even though it is raining, or make in such way that a sound reminds us of someone dear to us. But nevertheless, 3 4 5 Ibidem.

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Slăbit în 40 de ani ask this because if you remember well, one of the poems we studied in high school, in the Romanian language class, is Epigones.

Is he or does he think he is deemed different from the Natasha ali pierdere în greutate And if he is spiritually and artistically accomplished, as seen by others, or rather, is the world interested in art? The world is interested in art, and the proof is carried out by the existence of a large number of art galleries. And yes, it is a considerable difference between a museum and an art gallery. If in museum the visitor admires exposed collections, in the art gallery, the visitors admire the collections exposed with the intention of buying art.

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Indeed, there are museums that have the status of an art gallery. To support this I bring up in the discussion the Natasha ali pierdere în greutate Museum6. Located in New York in a building, particularly designed to house a cultural center7, the museum is not just a museum, but also offers workshops, conferences, discussions with the artists, permanent collections, temporary collections, educational events, exhibition space.

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We can easily see from the list above that at some point everyone was criticized for how they saw the world and how they exposed it in their works. For example, Lucio Fontana argued that art merges with space, thus creating Spatialism, which practically follows the Futurism, style occurred around the First World War. The founder did not get to see the final work, he died in History and Art Theory 23 drawn on a canvas8. Fontana is not the only case, the list could continue with many examples, let us remember Barnett Newman and his Onement VI which is different from Cathedral.

Seeing all this, Slăbește la 68 de ani undoubtedly advocate a meaningful presentation of art history, how it evolved in parallel or not, with the social and scientific developments.

Подготовленные бумаги лежали на кофейном столике. Она выкурила сигарету, проглядывая их, потом поместила бумаги в большой конверт.

The peculiarities of schools, the development of the direction of interest, of the methods and particularities at a given stage can hardly be studied and analyzed, and the creative act itself is hardly highlighted. Responding to the questions from the beginning of this article, the artist is, as I stated earlier, a man of the eternal present and the influence of the past is present in each one. Through his creation we can understand a Natasha ali pierdere în greutate time, or it can help create new ideas.

And if art helps us understand the past, the easier we can prepare for the future. In regard to the way of understanding the past, that should be done objectively and with the mindset of that certain time and not thinking and perceiving the world as it is now. Through art we can disconnect of what connects us all to this technical abundance.

With art we can unleash our imagination. Thereby, the history of art is not just the story behind the painting, but it is a vast field: architecture, photography, music, film, design, decorative arts, jewelery, ceramics, costumes, all of them are interconnected and are telling the story and their evolution.

It was played in a tiny theater, which was an opportunity for the spectators to follow closely the jestful expressions of the actors. The actors were Dutch students from the American Literature Masters Degree and their participation in this play was part of a university project. The action takes place in a room filled with paintings scathered on the walls of a museum of contemporary art, guarded by a watcher almost omnipresent throughout the play.

Renaissance painting, the artist not being mentioned. The museum is visited in turn by all types of visitors: atypical, jestful, pedant, strange, dreamy, spaced out and skeptical.

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Every one of them causes embarrasing, funny or even dangerous situations for the exhibits and for those around them. The recent work a contemporary artist, which is lavishly admired, consisting of three mannequins hung on hangers, has a laundry basket with clothes pegs lying on the floor.

The omnipresent watcher has a hard roe to hoe to protect them from the kleptomaniac visitors.

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Other works include a series of botanical sculptures, white and even blank paintings. After the announcement regarding the attack on the Renaissance painting, the first character gets on the stage, a young photographer who is interrupted by the watcher to tell him that he cannot take photos of the exhibits, who then gets persuaded into telling him which director may issue the respective permit.

Then a French couple that describes the emotions evoked by the paintings enters the scene. The entering and exit on the stage is made in an alternate way, each reaction and personality represented onstage contributing to the satire slippery track.

The beauty of the exhibits is either admired or despised, no opinion is inferior to the other and all the responses are subjective.


The author respects its characters equally. Art is an area accessible to everybody, and interflows with theater; they argue and complement each other as brothers. Nu vor mai fi manifeste. Manifestul este un instrument ghrp pentru pierderea de grăsime rebelilor artei din trecut. Ea nu mai are nevoie de un manifest.

Sincretismul va fi noul motor al artelor. Dosar Tematic 33 Fig. Care vorbesc despre iubire.

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Andreea Foanene Fig. Gablik, Suzi, Has Modernism Failed? You could blame me, because in this way we could not measure the time. We would never know it was yesterday, it is today, it will be tomorrow.

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The further tree and those further Natasha ali pierdere în greutate, it were perhaps yesterday or maybe several days ago; who cares; further that tree was what went, it was in the past. The closer the tree is present. And furtheryou see?

"Пятеро из шести моих детей родились здесь, - думала Николь, - под этой почвой.

This is another little tree! Between the closer tree and the more distant is a period of time full with sand waves and the rainand a man.

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Maria Roxana Bischin p. Articol realizat de lect. Poate fi considerat acest moment de prefigurare, o anticipare, o penetrare a viitorului? Date despre autor: Liliana Mercioiu Popa, Artist vizual, lect. Liliana Mercioiu Popa.